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I am playing sounds in loop in my app. So it should continue playing through out the app. but sometimes it stops after playing sound for 3/4 times.I don't understand whats happening. I am using audio-toolbox framework for playing sound. creating audio queue and then playing sounds in loop. I am also playing sound from ipod library using mediaplayer. Same thing happening with song from ipod. I have set [musicPlayer setRepeatMode: MPMusicRepeatModeOne]; but still it stops after 3/4 times.

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How exactly are you playing the sound? Show us the code. Do you use System Sound Services? They are not meant to play longer sounds, quote Audio Toolbox Reference:

You can use System Sound Services to play short (30 seconds or less) sounds.

This could be the source of your problem. But until you show us the code we can’t but guess.

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