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I have a multiple module project

The first module contains my hibernate xml files and data java beans and packages as har. The second module defines my DAO classes. This module has a dependancy on data java beans with in the har and is defined in pom.xml.


The first module compiles, packages and installs fine into my local repository. The problem is when the second modules compiles it has a problem finding the packages and class defined in my har module. I get the following output from running mvn install

package myproject.myhar does not exist

and build fails.

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In my opinion you shouldn't use the har type (plugin)..and if i understand the thing correct you have to go a different way. You har should be simple jar file which will be used by your dao module...and the two together could be used as a single har file. But why not using simple war/ear files instead for JBoss?

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