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This is a registered bug (Bug ID: 6515708) but does anyone have a workaround for it?


  • javascript calls OpenDialog() method in applet
  • applet starts new thread which opens the AWT FileDialog
  • on completion, the file name is read and the javascript method OnDialogComplete is called
  • At this point the dialog is disposed and (on some browsers only) the browser hangs.

We have a mixture of XP with IE6/7 and Vista with IE7 but unfortunately the bug appears randomly on any of them.

Ideas anyone?

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The bug report suggests it only happens when two FileDialogs are open at once. Perhaps you could detect when the Java implementation is affected (pre-1.6.2), and in that case use an inter-applet-communication method such as a static variable on a class, to implement a mutex preventing OpenDialog() from working when there is already a FileDialog in progress?

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