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Is it possible to define a spring-managed EJB3 hibernate listener?

I have this definition in my persistence.xml:

    <property name="hibernate.ejb.interceptor"
        value="my.class.HibernateAuditInterceptor" /> 
    <property name=""
        value="my.class.HibernateAuditTrailEventListener" /> 

But I would like to manage HibernateAuditInterceptor and HibernateAuditTrailEventListener with spring, so I can do some bean injection (ex: session-scoped bean) within these classes. Is this possible?

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The problem is that those properties are just strings. Even if you define your SessionFactory as a Spring bean, any properties you pass to it through the hibernateProperties setter are just strings:

<bean id="mySessionFactory" class="org.springframework.orm.hibernate3.LocalSessionFactoryBean">
    <property name="dataSource"ref="myDataSource"/>
    <property name="mappingResources">
    <property name="hibernateProperties">
    		hibernate.ejb.interceptor= my.class.HibernateAuditInterceptor

So I don't think you can do that.

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Hibernate's SessionFactory accepts a listener when opening sessions. I'm sure this can be done with spring managing both the session factory and the listener; my problem is with JPA. – Miguel Ping Nov 8 '08 at 22:10

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