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I'm looking for options that allow very high-level web site development with these special characteristics:

  1. not requiring the user to program in a complex programming language
  2. not requiring the user to use GUI-like administration areas
  3. allow the user to "program" in a lightweight markup language

The last point is not only about look and structure of the output but also about creating simple dynamic output. For example:

  • listing pages
  • fetching the content of other pages
  • doing a site search and displaying its output
  • dynamically show or hide parts of the page depending on login status

Of course, I am not expecting a solution that provides the same possibilities like a Ruby, Python or PHP web framework. Rather I am looking for support of the "basics" that are common for web sites.

Until now, I have found only one piece of software that fulfills these requirements but while it's free, it's not open source: BoltWire at http://www.boltwire.com/.

Being open source is required.

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Holodeck 2:

- Computer. Create a web site. Add navigation on top. Add personal user areas and authentication. Integrate with the database. Add search and listing pages. Run program.

If seriously, you need something like SharePoint. From what I've heard, you mostly configure web parts without much of a programming. It's not free though. And many say it's bad.

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Too bad that Holodeck isn't open source. :/ –  Arnis L. Apr 6 '10 at 8:37
Well, not so much Holodeck as I gave an example that only lacked the open-sourceness. –  Ben Apr 6 '10 at 8:59

You may want to consider EditMe.com. (Disclosure - I work there). There is a full framework that uses server-side Javascript to program fairly complex sites in a very lightweight framework. You can learn about the EditMe Javascript API object model and command syntax on the customer support site at http://wiki.editme.com/Development

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Interesting. Good tip except that it is not "open source" and features no "lightweight markup language". But we are getting closer than with the Holodeck. –  Ben Apr 6 '10 at 13:24

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