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I have a project in my IDE. I need to make a shared library of it to use in extensions. I don't want to make a copy of this project with shared-library settings. Is there any way to build a shared library using the object files (.o) from my already existing project? As I understand, I can write a makefile for this.

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I assume you're on some sort of Unix and are probably using the GNU toolchain. In that case, to create a proper shared library, you'd need to compile your code using the position-independent code flags (-fpic or -fPIC) before you can create a shared library. Unless your .o files are already compiled with those flags, chances are you won't end up with a working shared lib.

If they already are compiled for position independent code, the usual g++ -shared ... should do the trick.

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+1 I forgot to mention that object files need fpic too. –  pajton Apr 6 '10 at 9:47
@pajton - Guess who's been caught out by this before :). –  Timo Geusch Apr 6 '10 at 10:22

g++ -shared -fPIC -o myshared.so *.o

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