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Im tring to use the observer pattern in javascript with JQuery, but the trigger and bind doesnt work. How may i do it to get the "alert('notify binded');" run? thanks ;)

    var NoteApp = function(){
        var self = this;
        this.notifications = [];
        this.EVENT = {
                NOTIFY: 'notify'
        this.button = {
                ask_number: $('#ask-number'),
                ask_email: $('#ask-mail'),
                ask_out: $('#ask-out')

        var Button = function(){


        var Data = function(app){

            $(app.notifications).bind(app.EVENT.NOTIFY, function(){
                alert('notify binded');


        var UI = function(app){

            app.button.ask_number.bind(app.EVENT.NOTIFY, function(){
                alert('notify 2');

                return false;


    NoteApp = new NoteApp();
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Here are few remarks about your code:

  1. The notifications array is always empty - []. There's nothing in your code which puts elements inside it so the bind function binds to nothing.
  2. NoteApp = new NoteApp(); should be called when the DOM is ready or the ask_number, ask_email and ask_out elements might not yet be initialized.
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already solved. The problem wa with binds and triggers, because they didnt work well, so i made a new class. –  Totty.js Apr 7 '10 at 12:49

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