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I copied an MSAccess 2007 db from a workstation onto another workstation.

I added the DB folder to Trusted Locations. I check the file properties readonly flag, but it is unchecked.

But the database is opened in ReadOnly mode.

What am I missing here please???


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Is the database password protected? If so (and you do not provide the correct password) the database will open as read-only.

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I added full control to the DB file in windows explorer and this fixed the problem.


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That's probably either an owner ship problem on the file; or you didn't have Write and Modify turned on for the file on the security tab (under file properties). – BIBD Apr 21 '10 at 17:23

There is another file property, but I cannot remember the name. We had this issue every time we moved a DBF from one machine to another. Right-click and go into the properties, and look for something about trusting a file from another machine. It is not intuitive, but it implies that it refuses to trust DBFs made on other machines unless you tell it to.

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