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I'm uisng a RichTextArea to display my html content in SL 4,I want to underline the content displayed by the control ( without modifying the html) and also attach an event of Onclick on the text . I tried different options i.e using RichTextArea in the content template of a Hyperlinkbutton but as the content of RichTextArea cannot be set directly, this was ruled out. Any suggestions ?

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All you need to do is to surround your content with an 'Underline' element.

Here is how you can do it in XAML:

                Underlined Content

Here is how you can do it in C#:

RichTextBox richTextBox = new RichTextBox();
Paragraph paragraph = new Paragraph();
Underline underline = new Underline();
Run run = new Run() { Text = "Underlined Content" };


Good luck,
Jim McCurdy
Face to Face Software and YinYangMoney

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