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Is it possible in Actionscript 3 to create a weak reference to an object, so that it can be garbage collected.

I'm creating some classes to make debugging easier, so I don't want the objects to hang around in memory if they are only referenced here (and of course I don't want to fill the code with callbacks to remove the objects)

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Grant Skinner has written an excellent series of articles on resource management in ActionScript 3, and in the third part of that series he introduces the WeakReference and the WeakProxyReference helper classes that can be used for this.

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Right now I've made a simple class to take advantage of the Dictionary weakKeys parameter:

public class WeakReference
	private var dic

	public function WeakReference(object)
		this.dic = new Dictionary(true)
		this.dic[object] = true

	public function get Value()
		for (var object in this.dic)
			return object
		return null
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you missed a semi-colon ;) –  matt lohkamp Nov 5 '08 at 12:47

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