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What think to be consider when you prefer coding a solution in form of child theme rather then in form of a plugin ?

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Subjective. Community wiki or close please. – ALOToverflow Apr 6 '10 at 13:42
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Themes and plugins solve different problems: plugins are for business logic, themes for presentation. They are not interchangeable. I prefer the right tool for the right job. :)

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i prefer in child theme (or in function.php), rather then in form of plugin. It's more easy to reuse. You can just move it from one theme to another.

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Any generic functions should be in a plugin. That way, they are available to all themes, and if you make changes in one place, you don't have to copy and paste to several files.

The benefit of a child theme is that you can make changes to an existing theme, such as twentyten, without directly modifying the source code, which is fragile -- it can cause errors and has to be repeated every time the theme is updated.

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Depends on the situation. If it's something that could readily be used by any (or many) different sites regardless of the theme, I do a plugin.

If it's something specific to This Particular Site Only, I would probably put it in the child theme's functions.php. Even if specific to the one particular site only, I might make it a plugin if it's something I might want to turn on and off later.

Other than the fact that you can turn plugins on and off, there is little if any difference between code in a plugin and code in functions.php.

If it's something most easily coded straight into the theme (e.g. a particular permutation of the_loop) then of course just do it in the theme template and put supporting code in functions.php

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