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Do generalization arrows in class diagram has to be strictly open or is there a margin of tolerance on style of this arrows?

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Open arrows are used together with a dashed/dotted line to represent dependencies.

I can't think of a standard way to use them with a regular line.

Furthermore, as Martin Fowler clearly indicates in UML Distilled, UML is just a notation. If the people that will read your diagrams are aware that open arrow = closed arrow, then feel free to use it. There is no strictness in UML.

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Each element in UML has to strictly follow the normative notation proposed in the standard. With so many symbols there is a high risk that a notation variant for a symbol coincides with the normative representation of another one

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Talking about UML designs without an image is like talking about girl without ...... :-) Here is the picture of UML2 connectors in the class diagram:

alt text

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