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I created a web application in which one .aspx page calls an AJAX-enabled WCF service (created with Visual Studio 2008 Add New Item -> AJAX-enabled WCF Service).

when I test the application in Visual Studio, it works and the page can call the service from Javascript but when I "publish" (code precompilation using Visual Studio) it to the local IIS Server, I get an error :

"service ThunServ is undefined" in my .html page.

I've been spending quite a time to solve this problem but to no avail.


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Not sure if you managed to resolve the issue.

This problem also occur when you try to access the page using HTTPS.

All you need to do is create a in Web.config and set the security mode to Transport that means transport-level security is used with HTTP requests.


    <binding name="AjaxBinding">
      <security mode="Transport"></security>

in endpoint configuration of your services section add:


That should fix the problem.

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