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How do I integrate Filenet and Outlook?

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@Nick you may want to add a few more details--versions of the respective software packages you're trying to integrate, development language/platform, etc. etc. More details--especially things you've already tried--may help you to get a better answer faster. – Onorio Catenacci Nov 3 '08 at 13:36
@Nick: Read some document on ibm web site. Usually, when you get license for IDM, they also provide ebook of API.. – Syed Tayyab Ali Apr 1 '09 at 15:15

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Assuming that you are talking about FileNet P8, then I can provide some information. I had to do a similar thing a couple of years ago.

First of all you need to get good with MS Office VSTO. More information here.

Second you have to get good with using the FileNet P8 .NET Assembly or the Web Services API. Both work well with Visual Studio 2005.

What you are trying to do is create an Outlook toolbar or button and run code that takes an Outlook message (.msg) and archive it to FileNet.

Let me know if you need code examples on something specific like adding a document to P8, or getting an msg file out of an Outlook message etc.

To deploy this whole thing, I used ClickOnce which integrates very well.

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Depending on what you mean by "integration" and the limited information you have provided I can suggest two options.

  1. IBM FileNet MS Office Application Integration

FileNet P8 API includes support for MS Office Application Integration. Deviating from the standard feature set provided by the API will require development effort as already answered by "fnCzar".

  1. IBM Content Collector for Email

IBM also provides a add-on component for FileNet P8; The IBM Content Collector for Email which pulls email content into FileNet for content storage, compliance and extending business processing of your inbound email channel.

Being mostly a configuration exercise this integration approach may be preferable over development. Up to you to consider buy vs build benefits.

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