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Help !!!

I have just spent about 10 minutes looking for a way to do a search and replace over all the files in Delphi 2006 project.

Please can you tell how to do it

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DELPHI 2010 has the same problem –  Charles Faiga Oct 8 '09 at 14:09

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I would use Grep Search from GExperts for this

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+1 thank you for this hint - gexperts should be first place to search for such "missing" features :) –  sdu Oct 8 '09 at 13:43

As far as I know no such feature exists in D2006.

I use Notepad++ for that task.

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Maybe you can use the Rename option in the Refactoring menu. It works on multiple files.

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I find it frequently misses references and I have to rename them with the editor anyway. –  rossmcm Mar 4 '11 at 11:39

I use BK ReplaceEm V2.0

Does the job.

Another great utility is WinMerge

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GEExperts works very well on Delphi 7 (can't up-vote Marius because my reputation is low). Do a global search in the grep of GEExperts, then click "Replace". Pretty straightforward. Integrates directly into the IDE too.

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