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I'm using eclipse to run the tests in a single junit(4) test class. The tests in the class all run just fine. Then I add an additional test and run the class through the test running in ecplise again. Only the old tests are run. The new test isn't seen by eclipse. There's no error or anything, it's just as if eclipse is looking at an old version of the test.

If I run the tests using maven, everything works fine. Additionally, after I run the tests in maven, ecplipse can see and run the new test correctly.

Any ideas what's going on? Any ideas how to get ecplipse's test runner to see my new test cases?

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Try Project/Clean and Project/Rebuild –  Boris Pavlović Apr 6 '10 at 16:27
Could you fix this ? –  Doppelganger Aug 1 '11 at 20:22

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I had the same issue. I solved it by doing the following:

  • Going to Project -> Properties -> Java Build Path
    For the source folder src/test/java, the output folder was set to "Default output folder"
  • Setting this to the typical Maven target/test-classes directory in your Maven structure

After this, Maven and Eclipse were in sync (as opposed to Eclipse happily running an older version of the tests, from whenever the last Maven compile was).

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It seems that your project wasn't recompiled. Either check Menu:Project/Build Automatically or do it manually as Boris Pavlocic commented.

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Maybe you "just" need to create a new Run configuration. Eclipse "remembers" the latest used Run configuration and just repeats it if not told otherwise. To make sure you have a new Run Configuration you can rightclick the test case in the package explorer and choose Run As | Junit Test. Next time you hit play this will be the "remembered" Run configuration etc.

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This seems to be the same issue as junit not using the newest file

The problem seems to be that Eclipse puts the compiled tests in the wrong folder which can be solved by manually specifying where they should end up.

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Possibly src/test is not in the Java Build Path.

Solution on Kepler:

Project -> Build Path -> Configure Build Path -> Source -> Add Folder

Then check the box corresponding to test under src

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