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Is there a web-based tool available, where I am able to...

  1. ...define data models (like in a database admin tool)
  2. ...fill in data (in custom web forms, not too generic) with basic features like completion
  3. ...import data from CSV oder Excel Sheets
  4. ...export data to CSV or SQL
  5. ...create snapshots of my data models (versions, diff, etc.)
  6. ...share my data models
  7. ...discuss/collaborate with other people about my data models

Well, I can develop something like this in PHP or with Ruby or whatever. But this is such a common task, where the application support could be a lot better. And it would be language and database independent. This would help to maintain data models in different versions and you can maybe share your data models with others, extend it with your team members, etc.

There is a website called FreeBase, which allows you to define a data entity model and fill in data, which also has export features, but I need to define my own data model with my own granularity and structure. And it should not be shared in public if I don't want to.

How do you solve problems like this yourself?

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2 Answers

Try http://www.cebase.com. this is not updated recently but works very well and very cool. there was an excellent tool called DabbleDB.com but it was acquired by twitter and no more accepts new users.

You are not alone, check this out:



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How about using a service called dropbox and creating local repository of files? We use it as a project repository, its useful because it saves changes of your files, so a group of you can work collaboratively which could be cool?

Hope that helps :)

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Dropbox is a cool tool, but for this job, it doesn't match the requirements. But thanks anyway. –  pixeldude Apr 7 '10 at 9:25
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