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I use LaTeX listings package with \lstinputlisting to display text from an external file. The file contains a data format description with a blank line at the end. The package ignores the blank line. How can I show the blank line in a listing?

What it displays:

1 lorem ipsum...
2 more lorem ipsum
3 lorem lorem ipsum

What I want:

1 lorem ipsum
2 more lorem ipsum
3 lorem lorem ipsum
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See the documentation, section 4.4

`showlines=(true|false) or showlines (default = false)

If true, the package prints empty lines at the end of listings. Otherwise these lines are dropped (but they count for line numbering).

Try adding this before your listing:

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No, this does not work as expected. At least with external file input with \lstinputlisting. – Sney Apr 6 '10 at 23:19
Worked for me with inline listings (I'm not adding line numbers though...). – Rudy Matela Mar 6 '14 at 1:03

You can escape to LaTeX from within listings by assigning an escape character like so:

\lstset{numbers=left, stepnumber=1, frame=none,basicstyle = \ttfamily}

Comes out as:

1 codeline1
2 codeline2

I know it's not \lstinputlisting but hopefully it'll help you anyway.

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