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I know how to view all changes in a changeset..

But let's say you update your source, you do a pull and you get 3 new changesets. How can you compare the current state of the remote repository (with the 3 changesets checked in) vs. the current source (on your local machine)?

I'd like to do this using the visual diff tool which I currently have configured (Examdiff or Kdiff3).

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You want to compare the current working directory with the tip revision, so you should be able to use hg diff -r tip.

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Thanks. Although different from my question, how about if you want to compare the working directory with the remote repository as of a given date? –  Marcus Apr 6 '10 at 17:58
You can use hg log -l 1 -d {date} to get the revision number on said date (use hg help dates for date formats), then specify the revision number when running hg diff. For example, if you see changeset: 93:e38f8c404758, you then run hg diff -r 93. This will only give you the revisions committed on a certain date though, not the revision as of that date, so its functionality is limited, but it should help. –  Samir Talwar Apr 6 '10 at 18:18

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