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Both the MySQLi and MySQLi_STMT classes have an $insert_id property.

If I am connected to my database using a MySQLi object (say $db), and then I perform an INSERT with a MySQLi_STMT object (say $stmt), to get the id of the last INSERT, should I use:

$last_id = $db->insert_id;


$last_id = $stmt->insert_id;

Or would they be the same, in which case it doesn't matter?

I thought this might be a quick answer for someone, and save me the time of writing the test code to check it.

Thanks in advance as always.

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I would assume that both are the same, if read at the same time.

However if you execute another INSERT statement, the $db->insert_id might change.

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Thanks for the answer. This does appear to be true. –  Carvell Fenton Apr 9 '10 at 18:59

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