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How can I make work item to auto tansit from new to assigned state when I populate Assigned To field. Ie. I have reported a bug so its state is new. Now I populate (select from dropdown) the Assigned To field, and I want it to automatically transit to Assigned state (Active state).

Please help.

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What you want cannot be done out of the box with TFS.

However, I created an open source project called TFS Aggregator to give the support you are looking for.

You could setup an aggregation something like this:

 <AggregatorItem operationType="String" linkType="Self" workItemType="Bug">
      <Mapping targetValue="Assigned" inclusive="Or">
      <Condition leftField="Assigned To" operator="NotEqualTo" rightValue=""/>
      <Condition leftField="State" operator="NotEqualTo" rightValue="Removed"/>
      <Condition leftField="State" operator="NotEqualTo" rightValue="Done"/>
      <Condition leftField="State" operator="NotEqualTo" rightValue="Ready For Test"/>
  <Condition leftField="State" operator="NotEqualTo" rightValue="In Progress"/>
    <TargetItem name="State"/>
    <SourceItem name="State"/>

That should move your bug to Assigned from New.

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As already written this is not possible using TFS out-of-the-bos. But you can use TFS ASAP (www.tfsasp.com) to automate your work items. Further you can also aggregate numbers e.g. efforts and much more...

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