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I've created a dummy layout for my latest design, but when I resize the window in ie7 to check that the min-width works, it kicks the content area to below the sidebar, whereas in all other browsers (including ie6) it behaves exactly as it should do.

Demo Link

Can anyone see what the problem is that's causing this random couple extra pixels that kick it off?

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Comparison screenshots in IE:… (still queued at time of writing) – Dolph Apr 6 '10 at 19:56
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Yes, there does seem to be a bug in IE where the min-width elements are getting float-like clearing behaviour.

You can easily avoid it in this case by applying the min-width to the #container instead of both the child elements. (It is in general best to put layout-related min-width fixes on the highest possible parent element.)

(Also, you don't need the float-100%-width rules on the bar/content.)

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