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I need to get a file object online, and I know the file is located at :

If I paste it into my browser's url, I'll be able to download this file, now I'm trying to get it with Java, my code looks like this :

String File_Url="";
Object myObject=Get_Online_File(new URI(File_Url));

Object Get_Online_File(URI File_Uri) throws IOException
  return readObject(new ObjectInputStream(new FileInputStream(new File(File_Uri))));

public static synchronized Object readObject(ObjectInput in) throws IOException
  Object o;
  return o;

But I got the following error message :

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: URI scheme is not "file"

Why ? How to fix it ?


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Not related to the question but: read about java naming conventions, your code written not in java style. – Roman Apr 6 '10 at 20:30

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I'm not sure if FileInputStream is designed for reading over the internet .. try new URL(File_Uri).openConnection().getInputStream()

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Pretty close, not quite, thanks, I got it. Inspiring ! – Frank Apr 6 '10 at 20:51
Happy to inspire. – Jim Blackler Apr 6 '10 at 20:53

Don't use FileInputStream for this purpose. Create URL, then get input stream and read data from it.

URL url = new URL (fileUrl);
InputStream inputStream = url.openStream ();
readData (inputStream);

For reading data I recommend you to use Commons IO library (especially if there are 2 or more places where you work with streams, it'll save your time and make your code more expressive):

private byte[] readData (InputStream in) {
   try {
      return IOUtils.toByteArray (in);
   } finally {

You also operate in your code with Object streams (like ObjectInputStream). But that stream should be used only to read serialized java object and it's not the case as I understand from the description (if it would be a serialized object then your browser hadn't opened that file).

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I got inspired, the correct answer is :

Object myObject=Get_Online_File(new URL(File_Url));

Object Get_Online_File(URL File_Url) throws IOException
  return readObject(new ObjectInputStream(File_Url.openConnection().getInputStream()));
  // or readObject(new ObjectInputStream(File_Url.openStream()));
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Guys with huge rep, tell me how can this work? (with ObjectInputStream) – Roman Apr 6 '10 at 20:57

Try "file://"

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I tried it, got this error : java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: URI has an authority component at<init>( – Frank Apr 6 '10 at 20:37

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