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Where can I write to without modifying site permissions? I need to store a value on the server that will remain when all sessions have closed and can be re-read when a new session is started. I need to make sure that no site permissions need to be changed so the location can be written to by anonymous users and any authenticated user.

Does such a place exist?

Thanks Lee

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Store the value in the Cache. Make sure to mark it as not removable with a sufficiently long expiration time. The value needs to persist even when the application is restarted, then store it in a database (perhaps in App_Data).

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I think the App_Data folder is set up with permissions for something like this.

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Or application variables if you aren't load balancing and it doesn't need to persist between restarts ...

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Have you thought about saving your session variables in a sql database. This will allow iis to restart and your sessions will still be alive.


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Sounds like you could also use a public static field or if the value doesn't change a public static readonly field internally in the application directly. If you update the value make sure to do locking correctly on updates.

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Like everyone else said, depends on if you have a database available or if volatile stores like Profile, session, viewstate or cache will do.

If you are looking for a place to write files to, then consider Isolated Storage, which is like a sandboxed filesystem.


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