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It seems Zend Gdata doesn't provide a way to interface with the PUT API for Google Docs.
I'd like to clear a document with a known id and update its contents.

Should I authenticate with Zend's Gdata and use an HTTP PUT request? How?

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You have two choices:

  1. Pray Zend developers to add this feature in some future release
  2. Download Zend sources and try to tweak them to add this feature

I have downloaded Zend sources and what i see is:

  1. demos\Docs.php already talks with Google docs (retrieve docs), you could try it from command line
  2. Gdata\App.php has already put function!

I would create a new method updateDocument in Gdata\Docs.php that calls App.php using put and passing the parameters required here; once created i would add this call to demos\Docs.php starting to play with it.

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+1 Adding extra functionality to Gdata_Docs is the way to go, the API should be robust enough to allow adding extra functionality like this. –  ChrisR Apr 9 '10 at 6:40

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