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I'm trying to set the DataContext on ApplicationMainWindow which is a WPF window. When I set it up in the XML like so it leaves the DataContext null:

<!-- View Models -->
            type="ProjectTracking.ApplicationMainViewModel, ProjectTracking"
            inspectionBehavior="none" lifestyle="transient">

  <!-- UI Components -->
            type="ProjectTracking.ApplicationMainWindow, ProjectTracking"
            inspectionBehavior="none" lifestyle="transient">

But if I do it this way via C# it works.

                .DynamicParameters( (k,d) => {
                    d["DataContext"] = k[typeof(ApplicationMainViewModel)];

I'm instantiating my window like so:

Window window = _Kernel[typeof(ApplicationMainWindow)] as Window;

When I configure windsor via the xml config it leaves my DataContext NULL, but when I configure it via code it works like a charm.

Do I need to use code to pull this off, or should it work via XML config ?

Thanks, Raul

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You're defining inspectionBehavior="none" which tells Windsor to ignore properties as points to inject optional dependencies. Removing that attribute will restore the default behavior and the datacontext property will be injected.

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Oops, I guess that's what I get for copy/paste code :) Thanks! –  HaxElit Apr 7 '10 at 14:49

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