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I am creating a java mobile application and I want to be aware as to when the device obtain an IP address to then be able to send messages to a backend system.

Do any API exists? I guess if an API existed it would have to use system dependant calls thru JNI?

Thank you, Julien.

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What's you target platform? BlackBerry provides a coverage API, for example. –  Alexander Nov 3 '08 at 22:33

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OK, I'm not 100% sure I understand what you are trying to do but here are a few things that could prove useful:

  • stackoverflow has tags for J2ME and javaME, the mobile versions of Java.

  • Theorically, installing a MIDlet that declares a static PushRegistry socket connection could force the device to always have an IP address. That would obviously depend on how the Pushregistry spec was interpreted by the VM provider.

  • There is no standard JNI support for mobile Java virtual machines.

  • A mobile Java application may be automatically paused when it is backgrounded so I'm not convinced you shouldn't just use the GCF API to open a client socket connection to your back-end system. It is presumably only needed when the MIDlet is in the foreground.

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