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I have this string : Verbesserungsvorschläge which I think is in German. Now I want to match it with a regex in php. To be more general, I want to match such characters like German which are not 100% in the ASCII set.


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If you're working with an 8-bit character set, the regex [\x80-\xFF] matches any character that is not ASCII. In PHP that would be:

if (preg_match('/[\x80-\xFF]/', $subject)) {
  # String has non-ASCII characters
} else {
  # String is pure ASCII or empty
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It's world of hurt, but you can try using the hex value, as in "/Verbesserungsvorschl\xc3ge/" for simple extended characters.

The hex values can be found in a table for determined on the fly with

echo dechex( ord( ä ) ); 

For full unicode, you can use /u as a modifier. See and other pages. My understanding is that unicode will work better in PHP version 6.

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Thanks for the unicode link. Unfortunately in my case the charset is in latin1_swedish_ci. – Shawn Apr 7 '10 at 5:14
preg_match_all('~[^\x00-\x7F]~u', 'Verbesserungsvorschläge', $matches);
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Here is an official description for the characters Where you can match ASCII characters

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