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Hi guys this is a followup from the question:

Where I was building a google apps application - I can call a gmail compose message page from my application using the url:

However when I try to pass in the body parameter a very long line of text eg as a reply message body I get this error from GMAIL stating the REQUEST URI is too long. Is there a better way to do this as in a way to fillin the text body box of gmail compose section. Or some way to open the page and have it prefilled with javascript some how...

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I don't have enough karma to comment on Victor's answer itself, but no, you cannot POST to Gmail's compose window. I tried it myself and just got my regular old Gmail home screen, not the compose screen and certainly not the compose screen with the values filled in as the OP wanted.

It's too bad too, because it was a good idea to get loads of info into a Gmail compose window. Would anyone on the Gmail team care to address this issue?

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Google will not process mailto links that are longer than 1584 characters (after the mailto: part).

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Can you POST to that URL?

GET URLs have a (255?) character limit.

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hmmm I actually have this humongous URL in a hyperlink when the hyperlink is clicked the page opens and it reads from the GET variables - very rustic though how would I be able to post it? I want to be able to open up a pop up window with all the fields prefilled as it does with a smaller URL. How can I post to it? –  Ali Apr 7 '10 at 10:32
Any resolution? –  Thomas Clowes Dec 18 '12 at 15:20
@Victor: not 255 –  Paul D. Waite Sep 27 '13 at 0:36

Why not have a form (method = post, target = blank) with hidden fields that represent the variables you need to send. Then post that form

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