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i have a table with the columns such id, tid, companyid, ttype etc..

the id may be same for many companyid but unique within the companyid and tid is always unique and

i want to calculate the total no of transactions entered in the table,

a single transaction may be inserted in more than one row,

for example,

id tid companyid ttype 
1  1   1         xxx
1  2   1         may be null
2  3   1         yyy
2  4   1         may be null
2  5   1         may be null

the above entries should be counted as only 2 transactions ..

it may be repeated for many companyids..

so how do i calculate the total no of transactions entered in the table

i tried

select sum(count(*)) from transaction group by id,companyId; 

but doesn't work

select count(*) from transaction group by id; 

wont work because the id may be repeated for different companyids.

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You may need to rephrase your requirement. But from my understanding, following could work:

select count( distinct id, companyid ) from transaction ;

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the above query returns 7932 so i think the above value is appropriate. Ill try that with a smaller set of records –  Vijay Apr 7 '10 at 7:02
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Try this

SELECT SUM(s.counts) transactions FROM (SELECT COUNT(*) counts FROM transaction GROUP BY id,companyId) s; 
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