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I'm using the code below to highlight some keywords in a text:

$message = str_ireplace($words,'<span class="hightlighted_text">'.$words.'</span>',$message);

The text may contain some html tags, for example <img>, <strong>, etc..

How can I highlight "normal" text, except the text between the html tags? Because when users search for "img" the <img> text will be highlighted and the image doesn't work anymore.

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Use a DOM parser of some sort. This is not something you want to do with regex.

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function mon_rplc_callback($capture){
  global $arg;
  return ($arg['flag'] == 1)
  ? $arg['fct']($arg['from'], $arg['to'], $capture[1]).$capture[2]
  : $capture[1].$arg['fct']($arg['from'], $arg['to'], $capture[2]);

function split_tag($from, $to, $txt, $fct, $flag = 1){
  global $arg;
  $arg = compact('from', 'to', 'fct', 'flag');
  return preg_replace_callback('#((?:(?!<[/a-z]).)*)([^>]*>|$)#si', "mon_rplc_callback", $txt);

When $flag == 1, the replacement function is applied outside HTML. When $flag == -1, the replacement function is applied inside HTML.

Applied to your example, it would give something like this:

echo split_tag($words, '<span class="hightlighted_text">'.$words.'</span>', $message, 'str_ireplace', 1);

Enjoy! ;)

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Thanks, but this is without an html parser. The above posters said that a html parser would be better in this case (??) – Arjen Apr 7 '10 at 15:02
And I tell you regular expressions can do a very good job. Plus you won't need to have a valid html code: it will just work. – Savageman Apr 7 '10 at 15:12
Thanks for your reply. The only problem is when de keywords (that has to be highlighted) contains all alpha numeric characters I get a memory leak error. – Arjen Apr 7 '10 at 15:57
Hum. That looks strange. Can you provide the code you used? Btw I just read the argument about why regex can't parse HTML. I quite agree with the whole thing, but the problem is MUCH simpler here: we just need to know whether we are inside some HTML tag or not. We don't have to parse an HTML structure and interpreting a tree and mismatching tags or some other errors. We just know that a HTML tag is something between < and >. I believe the regex is very adapted here. – Savageman Apr 7 '10 at 22:05

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