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How can i check if a pin is in viewable region of the map (MKMapView)?

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A pin is a MKPinAnnotationView, it extends from MKAnnotationView and has a property annotation (that conforms to the protocol MKAnnotation). Such annotation has itself another property coordinate.

Just compare the latitude / longitude of such coordinate to the region of your map.

something like this should do it :

double minLong = - myMap.region.span.longitudeDelta/2.0;
double maxLong = + myMap.region.span.longitudeDelta/2.0;
double minLat = - myMap.region.span.latitudeDelta/2.0;
double maxLat = + myMap.region.span.latitudeDelta/2.0;

BOOL isPinInRegion = myPinCoordinates.longitude>=minLong && myPinCoordinates.longitude<=maxLong && myPinCoordinates.latitude>=minLat && myPinCoordinates.latitude<=maxLat;

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Thanks, that was simple. – Mustafa Apr 9 '10 at 10:12
thanks man.. you saved my time.. – EmptyStack Dec 18 '10 at 7:01

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