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I am trying to use WordPress API via XMLRPC to submit new posts. But i can't set the post tags (nor the categories).

        echo "Adding $term to blog via XMLRPC ...";
        $client = new IXR_Client("http://$blog.wordpress.com/xmlrpc.php");
        $content = array('title'=>$term,
                         'description'=>"All about $term",
        $client->query('metaWeblog.newPost', 0, $username, $password, $content, true);
        $rv = $client->getResponse();

Any idea?

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$content['title'] = $title;
$content['categories'] = $categories;
$content['mt_keywords'] = $tags;
$content['description'] = $description; 

more email : cn.xiaowen@gmail.com

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You also can set custom field like this

$content['custom_fields'] = array(
        array('key' => 'Image', 'value' => $img),
        array('key' => '_aioseop_keywords', 'value' => $aiokey),
        array('key' => '_aioseop_title', 'value' => $title),
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