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Silverstripe is running on my since a few weeks. Recently, I get an Internal Server Error message when I try to access the admin area.

Having a look in the server's error logs, I discovered following hint:

[Mon Apr 05 12:15:26 2010] [error] [client ...] Premature end of script headers: main.php

I already was refered to this site: What does the 'premature end of script headers' error mean?

But does anybody had this problem in connection with Silverstripe? Would make it much easier to restrict the scope from where the error is caused.

Regards, Benedikt

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Sounds like some files have been corrupted somehow. Back up your database using PHPMyAdmin or HeidiSQL back up the content, mysite and theme folders, and move away all the other files except config.php, replacing them with a fresh copy from The best way to do this is to unpack the files on the server. You can then put back your content, mysite and theme folders.

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Thanks. I'll give it a try! – Benedikt Apr 10 '10 at 9:51
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Well... it seems to work now.

Reason: SilverStripe required a seperate ''-template for the login area. (I wonder, why it didn't was in need of that, before!)

Unfortunatelly the web server displayed a very general 'Internal Server Error'-Message. When i ran the site on another server, SilverStripe was able to display error messages to me.

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in your _config.php to see more error messages.

dont use this in live mode, only dev mode.

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