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We are using Spring security in our application with support for username / password based authentication as well as Open id based authentication.

The issue is that google gives a different open id for the return url specified and we have at least 2 different entry points in our application from where open id is configured into our system.

Hence we decided to use open id realm.

how is it possible to integrate realm into our spring configuration/code ? This is how we are doing it in traditional openid library code:

AuthRequest authReq = consumerManager.authenticate(discovered, someReturnToUrl,"");

This works and gives same open id for different urls from our site.

our configuration:


<http auto-config="false"> 
    <!-- <intercept-url> tags are here  --> 
    <remember-me user-service-ref="someRememberedService" key="some key" /> 
    <form-login login-page="/Login.html" authentication-failure-url="/Login.html?error=true" always-use-default-target="false" default-target-url="/MainPage.html"/> 
    <openid-login authentication-failure-url="/Login.html?error=true" always-use-default-target="true" default-target-url="/MainPage.html" user-service-ref="someOpenIdUserService"/> 
<beans:bean id="openIdAuthenticationProvider" class="">
    <custom-authentication-provider />
    <beans:property name="userDetailsService" ref="openIdUserService"/>
<beans:bean id="openIdUserService" class="some.package.OpenIDUserDetailsService">
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This question is really old, it's a shame to let it die without a single answer. There are several tutorials, mostly for SS Version 3:

Tutorial 1: Spring Security 3 - OpenID Login with Google Provider

Tutorial 2: Exploring Google and OpenID login with Spring Security and Spring Roo

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