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Guys, i'm trying to intercept ajax requests with jquery, to display a waiting message like with using plugin BlockUI, but how can i intercept requests sended by the UpdatePanel provided from framework, is some way to take the trigger?


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You can use the beginRequest and endRequest client side events of the PageRequestManager to display a "please wait" UI.



See here for more information. There are examples for each event.

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Thanks for you guys, all two has fast anwsers :) – anotherNeo Apr 7 '10 at 13:30

I don't really know what an UpdatePanel is, but generally you could use the ajax global events for that, e.g.:

$(document).bind("ajaxStart", function() {
}).bind("ajaxStop", function() {

If you have ajax calls outside of the UpdatePanel that you do not want to block the interface, you would need to set the ajax option:

global: false,

to ensure that they are excluded.

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