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We're attempting to host a WCF Service (.NET 3.5 SP1) using Shared Content on IIS 7.5. At the moment it's returning a 404 error. My assumption at this point is that WCF can not be hosted via a UNC path (See workaroundHosting WCF service in IIS6 using UNC).

Steps I've taken: - Established a FullTrust to/with the UNC path. - The service works hosting it on a local disk. - A basic HTML page renders without issue from the UNC path. - A ASPX page renders without issue from the UNC path. - Explicitly set "Full Control" permissions to the user running the service.

The reason for using Shared Content in IIS 7.5 to host this WCF Service, and several other websites, in a web farm. Using Shared Content avoids the need for file replication between the nodes in the farm. (Note we are also using Shared Configuration to support this environment.)

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Have you used fiddler to inspect the traffic?
Or enabled failed request tracing in IIS?

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I just installed tracing now, however i'm not receiving any output to the folder. I restart the server, even though it didn't require it after installing tracing. It's interesting that I'm unable to select "WWW Server" in the filter though, only "ASP.NET". – LiquidSpy Apr 7 '10 at 15:32

It seems that the root of the issue revolves around the identity of the application pool being set to "ApplicationPoolIdentity" (Application Pool/[App Pool]/Advanced Settings/Process Model/Identity). We were setting the proper user credentials at the website, but not here.

We now have the application pool running as the user and the website using pass-through authentication.

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