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I have a signed Java applet. And it works fine. But now I have to integrate some 3rd party JAR files with it. When I test it from Eclipse, the whole thing works correctly. But when I test it as an applet, it gives me a access denied ( ...)

I thought this was because those 3rd party JAR files don't have a java.policy.applet within them. But manually adding the policy file doesn't get rid of the error.

What am I missing? Thanks!


All the 3rd party JAR files sit on the server filesystem like so: A.jar, B.jar, C.jar. And I include them in the applet tag like so:


Also, in the MANIFEST/MANIFEST.MF file in my.jar, I include those JAR files like so:

Class-Path: A.jar,B.jar,C.jar
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You have to sign these jars as well, if they are attempting restricted operations.

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thanks much! it works now!! – sc45 Apr 7 '10 at 14:29
Also note that since 6u19 (the current secure release of Java SE 6 at the time of writing) users will typically get a warning earlier:… / I have to make my usual comment that you really should know what you are doing before signing code. – Tom Hawtin - tackline Apr 8 '10 at 23:29

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