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Are there command-line tools for XML digital signing?

I have found one here: http://www.codeproject.com/KB/security/xmldsiglic.aspx but it needs .NET Framework and i would prefer it to work without .NET

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Have you looked at the XML-Signature Interoperability report? That lists several implementations. I've only looked at the links for a few of them but the ones that I looked at them seem live and there's a range of licensing and implementation languagues there. Given a library (which some of these are) you should be able to build a command line implementation fairly easily.

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XmlSecTool from the Shibboleth project, https://wiki.shibboleth.net/confluence/display/SHIB2/XmlSecTool can sign and verify signatures on XML documents. It's written in Java, but there's a command line shell script that encapsulates it nicely.

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