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I am using Boost to match substrings in a string. Io iterate over the results, I need to use regex_iterator().

That is the only usage example I have found, but I do not understand the callback. Could someone give me an example uage of the function?

Let us assume that my input text is:

"Hello everybody this is a sentense
Bla bla 14 .. yes 
date 04/15/1986 

I want to get:

"Hello" "everybody" "this" "is" "a" "sentense" "bla" "yes" "date"
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If the only part of the example you don't understand is the callback, consider that:

std::for_each(m1, m2, &regex_callback);

is roughly equivalent to:

for (; m1 != m2; ++m1){
    class_index[(*m1)[5].str() + (*m1)[6].str()] = (*m1).position(5);

Assuming that, in your case, you want to store all the matches in a vector, you would write something like:

//Warning, untested:
boost::sregex_iterator m1(text.begin(), text.end(), expression);
boost::sregex_iterator m2;
std::vector<std::string> tokens;
for (; m1 != m2; ++m1){
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Thanks a lot :) –  Youssef Apr 7 '10 at 15:48

From your explanation You may use tokenizer function. And put some more logic into it. look at boost::tokenizer


boost::char_separator<char> sep_1(" ");

std::string msg_copy ("Hello everybody this is a sentense Bla bla 14 .. yes date 04/15/1986 ");
boost::tokenizer< boost::char_separator<char> > tokens(msg_copy, sep_1);
BOOST_FOREACH(std::string t, tokens)
        // here you itterate t


You can put as many special characters to separator as you want ex:

boost::char_separator<char> sep_1(" *^&%~/|");
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Yes this is a possible solution, but i forgot to mention that the text i realy want to fetch contains words separated by anything spaces, comas, dashs, pipe .. the best is to use regular expressions.. boost is the best for C++. I have tried using Boost::regex_search() but it only returns the first match.. i need to get all matches.. for that i was told to use boost::regex_iterator() but i don't understand anything Boost's documentation realy sucks... –  Youssef Apr 7 '10 at 14:51
then use: boost::char_separator<char> sep_1(" *^&%~/|"); It will tokenize against all of special chars ;) Post updated as well –  bua Apr 7 '10 at 14:53

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