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HCR is failing alot more often than not for me at the moment. It keeps popping up the "Hot Code Replace Failed" dialog, over and over and over. I know there is a checkbox to shut it up, but later on when I'm doing something else I actually want the dialog to appear. Plus I don't want hot swapping code right now anyways, I just want the debugger.

So is there a setting someplace for that "do not show dialog again" checkbox, for when I want to re-enable it? Better yet, is there a way to turn HCR on and off period?

BTW, as far as I can tell disabling "Build Automatically" doesn't disable it.

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Window / Preferences -> Java / Debug

There are four checkboxes related to Hot Code Replace. Disabling them all should help you.

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This does not disable hot code replacement itself, only the warnings for when it fails. – rustyx Oct 4 '15 at 14:23

You can toggle a number of warnings about HCR in Window > Preferences > Java > Debug

Unchecking "Build Automatically" should work. If it doesn't re-build the changed class, there's no new class file generated to replace the old one.

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Go to window>preferences>run/debug>console and click on "Restore defaults"

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