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I have set linebreak and wrap. The document looks great on my screen but when I print it the words are broken p.e.

this is the text of my printed docume

How can I resolve this problem?

ps: I don't want to reformat the text, I would like to keep the text as it is on the screen.

I would like to have also a bit more right margin space. Is this possible?

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Not a direct answer, and not sure if you're printing code... but if you are, check out 'enscript'. –  Stephen Apr 7 '10 at 17:30

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This isn't directly possible. When you use wrap, Vim breaks lines at word boundaries on the screen, but the actual text file still contains your lines as single unbroken strings. If you want to fix this you have to reformat your file (possibly copying it to a temp file) before you print. See this similar question: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/533385/how-do-you-enable-word-wrap-in-vim-when-printing

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If you want it to look exactly like it would on your screen, then you'll likely want to use something like the 2html script to dump it to html and then print that. Otherwise, Vim just sends the file to the printer and the file is formatted according to whatever print options you have set.

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