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If I've got an array of values that are basically zerofilled string representations of various numbers and another array of integers, will array_intersect() still match elements of different types?

For example, would this work:

$arrayOne = array('0003', '0004', '0005');
$arrayTwo = array(4, 5, 6);

$intersect = array_intersect($arrayOne, $arrayTwo);

// $intersect would then be = "array(4, 5)"

... and if not, what would be the most efficient way to accomplish this? Just loop through and compare, or loop through and convert everything to integers and run array_intersect() after, or ...

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$ cat > test.php

$arrayOne = array('0003', '0004', '0005');
$arrayTwo = array(4, 5, 6);

$intersect = array_intersect($arrayOne, $arrayTwo);

print_r($intersect );


$ php test.php

Array ( )


So no, it will not. But if you add

foreach($arrayOne as $key => $value)
   $arrayOne[$key] = intval($value);

you will get

$ php test.php

Array ( [1] => 4 [2] => 5 )

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Note:  Two elements are considered equal if and only if
(string) $elem1 === (string) $elem2.
In words: when the string representation is the same.

In your example, $intersect will be an empty array because 5 !== "005" and 4 !== "004"

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Thanks Owen for the formatting fix :) – Davide Gualano Nov 3 '08 at 19:08

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