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I need to expose some C++ classes to C# (I am building on Linux, using mono, so COM is not an option)

The evidence I have gathered so far suggests that the best way to approach this is:

  1. Write a wrapper C++.Net class around the ISO C++ class
  2. Consume the C++.Net classes from C#

I have the following questions:

  • First, is this the "best" way of achieving the goal of exposing ISO C++ classes to C# ?
  • So far though, I have not seen any examples that actually show how to do this - can anyone suggest some links, or a code snippet to show how this is done for a dummy class?
  • How may I send asynchronous message notifications from the C++ code to the C# code ?. Ideally, I would like to cause the C# class to raise an event, with the received data as an argument
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I agree with Reed Copsey. Basically write a C wrapper around the C++ library and then use C# to interface with the C wrapper using P/Invoke. I find the following reference extremely useful when inter-operating with native libraries : – Frank Hale Apr 7 '10 at 21:03

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You can't do C++/.NET classes on Linux using Mono. Mono doesn't support Managed C++ or C++/CLI, so there is no way to "Write a wrapper C++.Net class around the ISO C++ class".

Your best option for this is to generate a C API for your C++ class, which can be accessed via Platform Invoke.

That being said, one option for easing this is to use SWIG to generate the wrappers for you. It supports generation of C# wrappers from C++ classes (as well as wrappers to other languages), and works well on Linux/Mono.


For an offical "Mono doesn't support mixed mode C++/CLI", see the Languages page:

It's important to note that any language that compiles to pure IL should work under Mono. Some languages such as Microsoft's Managed C++ do not always compile to pure IL, so they will not always work as expected, since they are not truly platform independent.

C++/CLI for native interop requires non-pure IL, so it will not work on Mono.

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@Reed: are you sure about not being able to use C++/.Net? Could you send me the link please - I need to show it to someone who insists that it is possible – Stick it to THE MAN Apr 7 '10 at 21:14
@Stick it to THE MAN: Here's a SO answer from a Mono dev:… I'll see if I can find a more "offical" source, but it isn't supported. – Reed Copsey Apr 7 '10 at 21:16
@Stick it to THE MAN: I edited my answer to show you more details - Mono's language page discusses this, right at the top. – Reed Copsey Apr 7 '10 at 21:18
This is now possible on Mono. Mixed-mode C++/CLI is still not supported but they have their own way of integrating with native C++. – Justin Feb 12 '12 at 7:48
I agree with @Justin that Mono's CXXI is even more suitable for inter-operation between the two worlds, as it does not require a strange C++ alike language extension. – Lex Li Feb 12 '12 at 9:21

Mono has recently made some pretty big strides with C++ interoperability in CXXI (pronounced sexy).

From this posting, the short story is that the new CXXI technology allows C#/.NET developers to:

  • Easily consume existing C++ classes from C# or any other .NET language
  • Instantiate C++ objects from C#
  • Invoke C++ methods in C++ classes from C# code
  • Invoke C++ inline methods from C# code (provided your library is compiled with -fkeep-inline-functions or that you provide a surrogate library)
  • Subclass C++ classes from C#
  • Override C++ methods with C# methods
  • Expose instances of C++ classes or mixed C++/C# classes to both C# code and C++ as if they were native code.

CXXI is the result of two summers of work from Google's Summer of Code towards improving the interoperability of Mono with the C++ language.

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sad that there hasn't been any update since that posting :( – Kevin Dec 11 '13 at 3:54

you had to write a c++ managed wraper around your iso c++ class like this

 public ref class MyWrapper
    MyWrapper (void)
    pObj = new CMyUnmanagedClass();
    ~MyWrapper (void)
    delete pObj;
    int foo(void)
    //pass through to the unmanaged object
    return pObj->foo();
    CMyUnmanagedClass* pObj;

i hope this help regards

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This does not work on Linux/Mono. There is no support for mixed mode assemblies (or C++/CLI at all) with Mono. – Reed Copsey Apr 7 '10 at 20:54

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