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Are there any libraries to parse Textile (Textile to HTML) which will work in an Objective C iPhone app? C libraries will work too.

Update: I couldn't find any sufficiently developed libraries in C/Obj-C, but I did find one written in Javascript, which I used through an invisible UIWebView.

Link: Javascript textile parser

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That link appears to be broken? –  ArtOfWarfare Jan 28 '13 at 14:09

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The only C library that I could find that might have Textile support is Natacha Porté's libupskirt library. It is described as being for markdown; however, there is a branch in the git repository called textile with a description of "Initial draft of Textile parsing". I have not tried this, so I cannot speak to the functionality, but it might be worth a look.

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The closest I was able to find aside from the other answer given here is one that's written in C++ and uses Qt ( http://github.com/IndigoJo/qijtextile ). I wouldn't suspect that you could just drop it in, but it might make for a usable template to implement it with Obj-C and/or C.

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