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Hey, I'm just wondering if there's any easy function to make text suitable to be in a link, say I have a bunch of caps, weird characters etc and I want it all to be lowercase with "-" instead of spaces, is there a function to do that or do I have to create my own?

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Try this one, from snipplr:

function slug($str)
    $str = strtolower(trim($str));
    $str = preg_replace('/[^a-z0-9-]/', '-', $str);
    $str = preg_replace('/-+/', "-", $str);
    return $str;
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You can try preg_replace (, which uses regular expressions, combined with strtolower. That makes everything lowercase, then converts anything which is not a lowercase letter (such as a space) into a hyphen.

$str = preg_replace("/[^a-z]/", "-", strtolower($str));
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$url = " re here/right.html";    
//get rid of spaces
$url = str_replace(" ", "-", $url);
//make lowercase
$url = strtolower($url);

This will give you ""

Follow this logic for dealing with the weird characters.

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