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just in pure gdi. thoughts or code are all welcome.

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Create a rounded rect as a path, select the path as the clipping path, then do a gradient fill of the same rectangle. Code with MFC would look like this:

int top = 10;
int left = 10;
int right = 200;
int bottom = 200;
int radius = 20;

pDC->RoundRect(left, top, right, bottom, radius, radius);

TRIVERTEX vertices[2];

vertices[0].x = left;
vertices[0].y = top;
vertices[0].Red = 0xffff;
vertices[0].Green = 0;
vertices[0].Blue = 0;
vertices[0].Alpha = 0xffff;

vertices[1].x = right;
vertices[1].y = bottom;
vertices[1].Red = 0;
vertices[1].Green = 0;
vertices[1].Blue = 0xffff;
vertices[1].Alpha = 0xffff;

r.UpperLeft = 0;
r.LowerRight = 1;

pDC->GradientFill(vertices, 2, &r, 1, GRADIENT_FILL_RECT_V);

If you're not using MFC, the pDC->x(...) would be replaced with x(your_DC, ...).

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thank you, it works! – lovespring Apr 8 '10 at 1:47

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