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i have the following code:

if(filter_var($pictureurl, FILTER_VALIDATE_URL) === FALSE){
echo "Invalid Url";
echo "Works!";

This display "invalid url" (FALSE) for the above url, but not for other simpler urls. Is this a bug? you can even access the image.

And the most important is what's the solution for this?


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PHP < 5.2.13 contains a bug in FILTER_VALIDATE_URL that considers urls containing the '-' ( You either need to upgrade your copy of php or use a different filtering mechanism.

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That code prints "Works!" for me. What version of PHP are you using? Can you post a link to a PHP page containing:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Also, see this question.

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Running PHP 5.2.13, I get this response when trying to filter a valid URL:

php > var_dump(filter_var("", FILTER_VALIDATE_URL));

This is clearly not what I woukd expect it to return. The domain is valid.

This has evidently been fixed now, and will be included in PHP 5.3.3 and 5.2.14, more info in this bugreport:

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The source archive from contains a strange version of ext/filter/logical_filter.c, a version I can't find in the cvs. This version performs an "extra" test on the host part of the url

e = url->host + strlen(url->host);
s = url->host;

while (s < e) {
  if (!isalnum((int)*(unsigned char *)s) && *s != '_' && *s != '.') {
    goto bad_url;

which doesn't allow a hyphen in the host name like in
Very strange and very wrong.

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