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I've been using SVN through tortoise and svn:// protocol on windows for a couple of years and I'm pretty comfortable with it.

Nevertheless there are a couple of features I'd like to have, mainly shelves (something like local commits) and easier branch / merge support.

From my experience, svn / tortoise on windows is rock solid stuff.

I was wondering if git / tortoisegit has achieved the level of maturity and stability so as to be a replacement for svn on windows.

Any experience about it?

some links:

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For day-to-day use, yes, absolutely. And TortoiseGit is much more similar to TortoiseSVN than TortoiseHg. It's stable and Frank Li, its author, works really fast, so TortoiseGit has improved a lot in the last months.

However, no matter what GUI you use, you'll always need to know that under the hood there's git, and not svn or hg. I don't think TortoiseGit would make learning git any easier.

I also tried SmartGit a month ago, it crashed a lot and was quite slow. But I keep an eye on it.

In fact I still prefer git-gui and gitk as my main git interfaces, using TortoiseGit for particular tasks (interactive rebasing is great). git-gui and gitk seem to be a better fit for the "git paradigm".

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I love the built-in tools for git. And the distributed source control paradigm calls for a different workflow. – Jon W Apr 8 '10 at 0:48
I thought I could just use git with a central repository, much like I do with svn. My shelves would be commits to my local repository, and svn commit would be a git push... Any link to learn the "git paradigm"? – opensas Apr 8 '10 at 0:57
@opensas: yes, you can use a central repository if you want. About the "git paradigm", I recommend this article: – Mauricio Scheffer Apr 9 '10 at 5:47
I've been using SmartGit a lot the last few months, and it's great. And best of all it's multiplatform... – opensas Oct 17 '12 at 14:53

I have been using TortoiseSVN for years. It is really stable and I haven't experienced crashed for a very long time.

I have also worked with TortoiseGIT and I experienced some crashes. Once, I got an exception when starting blame, once I got a problem during a large commit.

Yes, Git is cool. Working with Git is far more efficient than working with SVN, but as for today (30th September 2010) TortoiseGit is definitely not that stable as TortoiseSVN is.

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I used it on all my projects now, even with just local commits. Add the database dumps into the repo folder, and maybe copy the whole folder to your staging area, and you can completely roll back and check your development process.

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I switched from SVN since the 'neon' bug. I find Git a big improved compared to SVN. Before SVN, there was CVS. And now, there is GIT.

So yes, git is mature enough to 'replace' SVN.

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I wonder how do you move everytime the changelogs from one type of server to another. From CVS to SVN to GIT. – Marco Demaio Sep 3 '10 at 16:09
Git is not a type of server. – alternative Sep 5 '10 at 18:54

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