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Thanks for considering my question.

I have Ubercart 2.x running on Drupal 6.x.

I would like to show alternate products when a user is on the checkout page. This can be done through Views/Panels, yes? However, the need is that when a customer buys a product, they also need to choose an alternate in case there is a problem. "Customers would not be able to finish the checkout process without providing us with alternate selections, or specifying that they did not want any alternates." This is because the store is selling perishable goods that will not have absolutely up to date inventory levels. Usually, they would find out of the first choice is not possible upon looking in the garden, and then offer choice #2. How could this be done in Ubercart?

Additionally, they have several free products that they want to "throw in" on each order. Not automatically, but present a list. It seems like this could be done by showing a block or view of products with taxonomy "free", which could then be checked out (added to cart). Would I just set the price 0.00? Ideas?

Addendum products, a partially damaged product that they want to sell at reduced price or for free. Should this be listed as a variant of the main product? (it needs its own inventory level), or should it just be created as a duplicate product? Addendum products are things they want to spice the offer with..they are the main product but in a state of partial destruction. Ideas?

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To follow up we are thinking about using two product attributes - quality and size. Each combination generates is own SKU and then has its own inventory. Still wondering if this is the best way. –  Zachary Apr 13 '10 at 22:23

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We used the webform module and the ubercart webform checkout module to accept additional fields on checkout and display them on the invoice.

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